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Thursday , October 01 , 2020
About  >  Speed skating  >  Long Track

Long track speed skating is done primarily on 400 metre oval tracks, though there are other oval sizes, and some long track racing on natural ice surfaces such as rivers and lakes.

Long track events can be either “mass start” with multiple skaters on a single track, or “Olympic style” with two skaters in separate lanes. In Olympic style competition, the races are “time trials”, meaning that the skater with the fastest time wins. In mass start events, there are usually heats and finals, and the skater who comes first in the final wins, even though they may not have the fastest recorded time in the heats. 

Long track racing includes marathon racing, such as the annual Skate the Common Marathon in Halifax, or many other Marathon Skating International events across North America

Photo courtesy of the Valley Speed Skating Club.

In Nova Scotia, long track speed skating is done on the Emera Oval in Halifax.  High performance training is done through the Atlantic Long Track Program.   Individual clubs also run long track programs on the oval.

For general information about long track speed skating, check the About Long Track page on the Speed Skating Canada website.