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Wednesday , August 24 , 2016
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The Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club provides opportunities for members to learn to speed skate and develop their skating skills for recreational and competitive purposes, as well as to develop skills and knowledge as coaches, officials, and administrators in the sport of speed skating.  The club also organizes and runs speed skating competitions and demonstrations.  Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for the latest news on speed skating and sledge racing activities on the oval and elsewhere.

The club operates primarily at the Emera Oval during the outdoor skating season, but also offers special programs indoors, such as the "Get Ready for the Oval" program offered at Centennial Arena in the fall.

Skaters wishing to skate on the Emera Oval during the designated speed skating times must be wearing speed skates (including Nordic skates) or using an approved (hockey-type) skating sledge, and must be registered with Speed Skate Nova Scotia.  This registration can obtained through the NSMSSC if you are not already registered with another club,  See the JOIN NSMSSC page for registration details.